Dreams beyond the Grind


solo-exhibition at seeLab

24.04. - 07.05.2023

Anna-Bastel-Gasse 1
1220 Wien

Vernissage      Sun 23.04. / 16 - 21h
Opening times   Mon 24.04. / 13 - 19h
                Fri 28.04. / 12 - 21h
                Sat 29.04. / 14 - 19h
                Sun 30.04. / 14 - 19h

                Mon 01.05. / 13 - 19h
                Fri 05.05. / 12 - 21h
                Sat 06.05. / 14 - 19h
Finissage       Sun 07.05. / 16 - 21h

The exhibition Dreams beyond the Grind reflects on the impact of consumption, as well as conditions of production. Two distinct works invite visitors to observe the blurring line between human and machine, the drive for progress, and the misconception of laziness.

The four-chapter short film series Retraining Laziness (2023) follows a conversation between a human employee and a malfunctioning robot, discussing the connection between poor working conditions, self-exploitation and time. The Days series (2022) is an ongoing project of virtual photographs in various display formats. They expose artificial, dystopian beach landscapes and negotiate the collective image of paradise.

The exhibition is situated at seeLab, a site that in itself can be read as a space of possibilities and interferences. Inside the room one finds raw walls and open cable ducts. The place looks unfinished and abandoned, forming a stark contrast to the futuristic concrete streets of the sustainable urban development area of Seestadt. The unlikely combination of the room and its surrounding offers the potential to tell a story that oscillates between dystopia and visions of the future.

Retraining Laziness was realized within the framework of a European Media Art Platform residency program at FACT, Liverpool with support of the Creative Europe Culture Programme of the European Union and funded by the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport (BMKOES).
The exhibition Dreams beyond the Grind was financed by the 22nd district of Vienna.

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