Glue in Reality

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Augmented Reality installation

The project Glue in Reality

Between 2017 and 2019 T(n)C worked on the project Glue in Reality (GIR), a series of augmented reality installations. Each GIR work consists of an installation, a wall trigger and an app, with which the user can additionally dive into a virtual sculpture. The installations of GIR are built from a variety of materials. Elements such as blinds, synthetic and organic soft PVC materials or instant noodles are removed from their original environment and serve as references to their social environment from which they originally came. The tablets provided in the exhibition, or the visitors' own smartphones with the GIR app, serve as a gateway into the virtual realm.

Usually used as means of communication (or addiction), these devices help us to perform our everyday rituals. Certain social media apps serve either as inspiration, as a tool to follow certain communities, to connect with others in the community or even to start our own movements. To enter the virtual realm, one holds the device with the open app on the grey line patterns on the wall, the so-called trigger.

A sculpture pops up on the screen. Higher beings, such as The Gluten Shaman, The Anti-Aging Prophet or The Datasoul appear, they are embedded in a landscape of their own materiality. Hashtags fly around and a voice speaks of self-optimization, consumption and the latest dietary trends. The users are invited to experience this virtual space performatively through their own movement and get an overall impression of the different levels of the installations.

Our daily distractions are our new rituals

Economic and political concepts, as well as religious ideas, still shape our faith today. The ability to share knowledge and cooperate flexibly in groups helped to spread and shape these beliefs. Due to new networking opportunities, people are more than ever busy inventing new doctrines and updating their mythology to address important questions about body and soul, spirituality, life and death. By picking up these updates and the targeted representation of certain trends, GIR gives a specific insight into the stories and rituals of our daily lives and serves as a platform to reflect on our own spirituality.


3D-art & special advice: Tímea Strott

Post I


"I feel every day is another chance to rise above hatred, to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier, and to be the best version of you. I am on a journey to strive for progress, to create healthy habits, and to let go of all excuses! I am pretty confident that my indomitable power will take me there no matter how slow I go."

[post I]

aluminium, garment, vacuum formed PVC, trigger, app

Post II


"You'd smile hard as hell too, showing off your Pucci Pearly Whites if your pieces was hitting, but they not....
and I love my new phone..."

Post III


"We knew everything is behind the scenes, you can't give a shit and escape from us or even hide your ass! Expect the unexpected!"

[post III]

aluminium, garment, deformed venetian blind, trigger, app

Post IV



"It is ok in moderation but do not abuse eating out.
It is really important to be mindful and find balance in what we choose to eat,
because certain foods DO help our bodies be healthier overall!"

[post IV]

aluminium, garment, instant ramen, trigger, app

Post V



[post V]

aluminium, garment, PVC, electric inflater, app, trigger

Feature in the





Arachne is the new almanac of the Fashion Department of the University of Applied Arts Vienna. The double page in the first edition of the magazine gives a small impression of the virtual realm of GIR.

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